Code Of Conduct


Joining and participation agreement

This document describes Rust-AV’s Code of Conduct for public communication mediums, who shall enforce said Code of Conduct, the action taken should the Code of Conduct be broken, as well as the method for appeals. Questions about this document and its contents can be directed to the org issue tracker.

This document is based on the Gentoo Code of Conduct

Important: By joining and/or participating in the Rust-AV community, you are stating that you accept and agree to adhere to the rules listed below, even if you do not explicitly state so.

Behaviour and consequences

Acceptable behaviour

Things that should be seen:

Unacceptable behaviour

Rust-AV developers have come together with a common purpose, to further the project. Conflicts will undoubtedly arise, and though you are encouraged to work through issues on your own, assistance is available as requested and as needed.

Deciding to suspend or ban someone isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but sometimes it has to happen. Below is a list of things that could result in disciplinary action.

The code, issue tracker and irc channel has no room for any divisive non-technical topics, e.g: any derogatory statement on race, gender, sexual orientation, personal or political values is prohibited.


Long-term disciplinary action will be up to the discretion of the project maintainers (currently @lu-zero and @Geal), temporary disciplinary action will be up to the discretion of the channel moderators (e.g. irc op).

If you perceive a breach of the Code of Conduct guidelines, let the appropriate people know.

Please make an effort to just make the people involved aware of that first and do not further engage in discussion if the other party does not recognize the breach.

Repeated breaches will result in the temporal or permanent removal from the community communication media of the people involved.


If you are unsure whether or not something is OK to post/comment/etc, assume it isn’t, and reconsider whether you need to post it. Remember that posts made to the issue tracker and pull requests might be archived for perpetuity, and read by far more people than will be actively involved in any one thread. A comment made in anger can have far-reaching consequences that you might not have thought about at the time.